Talks between Warner Bros. Discovery and Paramount Global about a potential groundbreaking merger have stalled, as revealed in a new report. Warner Bros. Discovery CEO, David Zaslav, had a preliminary conversation with Paramount Global CEO Bob Bakish in December 2023. The talks seemed to advance to more concrete issues in January, yet by February there appeared to be a significant slowdown in the progression of these discussions.

The discussions revolved around merging their prominent film studios and streaming platforms. This move was considered a strategic endeavor aimed at fortifying their positions in an increasingly competitive market dominated by streaming giants like Netflix and Disney+.


Paramount Global has reportedly formed a special committee to examine all possible avenues. This committee has brought on board a financial expert, signaling its readiness to consider offers for either the entire organization or certain assets of its portfolio.

As reported by CNBC, Comcast does not currently have any ambitions to purchase assets from Paramount Global. Instead, Comcast has been working with internal financial consultants to look into the possibility of a business collaboration with Paramount Global.

This partnership might involve various strategies, such as combining their streaming services Peacock and Paramount+. However, the interest of Paramount Global in such a partnership remains uncertain while it considers various options for sales.


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