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Who We Are

Attraction Insight is your gateway to endless exploration and entertainment discoveries. From theme parks, cruises, and other captivating travel destinations to movies and shows, our comprehensive coverage provides the latest news, valuable insights, and meticulously crafted travel guides. Count on us to provide you with reliable reports and essential resources to maximize your journey’s potential.

Our Brand

Attraction Insight

Our brand, Attraction Insight, is a fusion of the words “attraction” and “insight” to illustrate the nature of our content. The term “attraction” not only refers to a place that lures visitors but also encompasses the concept of alluring people through their “desires or tastes,” as defined in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. Synonyms such as “entertainment,” “activity,” and “interest” can be used interchangeably with the word “attraction.” Meanwhile, “insight” denotes the ability to gain a comprehensive understanding.

By combining these two words, our brand emphasizes our expertise in offering comprehensive information (insight) about tourist destinations worldwide, as well as diverse forms of entertainment, including films, shows, and more.

Our icon further embodies our brand by incorporating elements of both the location symbol and an owl’s eye. The location symbol represents the concept of “attraction” visually, seamlessly merging with the owl’s eye. The owl’s eye, on the other hand, symbolizes “insight,” indicating a desire for clarity and deeper comprehension. Incorporating an owl eye in the icon holds particular significance as owls are widely associated with wisdom in Western cultures. In Greek mythology, the goddess of wisdom, Athena, is often depicted with an owl. Furthermore, owls, known for their large, all-seeing eyes, embody the idea of perceiving and understanding beyond the surface.

Attraction Insight

Our Story

Attraction Insight, which was officially launched on May 31, 2014, has gone through a significant evolution since its inception.

Initially, our focus was on sharing captivating imagery and news related to Universal Orlando through social media channels. At the time, our brand name was inspired by the renowned theme park resort itself before rebranding as World of Universal shortly after.

By 2015, our coverage expanded beyond Universal Orlando to include Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Pictures films. This expansion prompted us to launch our first website, allowing us to offer a broader range of content, including comprehensive news updates, detailed guides, and much more.

In mid-2017, we embarked on a new chapter, announcing our intention to broaden our coverage even further. We sought to include other destinations and films, extending beyond the scope of Universal. This decision was the result of careful internal discussions and a desire to provide our audience with an even more diverse range of insights and experiences.

After much consideration, we made the exciting decision to rebrand from World of Universal to Attraction Insight in late 2022. This new name truly encompasses the essence of our content and breathes fresh life into our brand. With Attraction Insight, we aim to continue sharing captivating content that piques your curiosity and provides endless exploration and entertainment discoveries.

Our Objective

At Attraction Insight, we are dedicated to delivering accurate and up-to-date news for travel and entertainment enthusiasts, along with in-depth planning resources for the world’s top tourist destinations. We strive to constantly update our website with the latest information, ensuring our users have access to the most current details.

To enhance our users’ experience, our site boasts a user-friendly design. Setting us apart from other platforms, our website features a sleek and intuitive user interface complemented by captivating visual elements. With high-definition images, seamless navigation, and a responsive layout, we aim to make browsing and accessing information effortless for our users.

Vacations Hold Great Value

Vacations are extraordinary, enchanting, and thrilling adventures that deserve to be cherished. Our belief is that vacations require quality planning for an unforgettable experience. That is why we provide complimentary travel guides to renowned vacation destinations. With our profound expertise, we offer invaluable and precise guidance, ensuring that you make the most of your journey.

Entertainment Forges Unity

Movies and TV shows provide an avenue to detach from reality, offering an escape from our issues as we immerse ourselves in captivating stories. This retreat allows individuals to connect through their shared admiration for the imaginative realms created, forging meaningful bonds. Recognizing the significance of entertainment in society, we are dedicated to keeping you informed about the latest developments and sharing our viewpoints to foster engaging discussions.

Our Team

John Sala
Owner & Editor-in-Chief
Tyler Murillo
Bianca Marquez