About Attraction Insight

Who We Are

Our brand, Attraction Insight, combines the words “attraction” and “insight” to describe the content we provide. “Attraction” is a word used to define a place that draws visitors. It also means “something that attracts or is intended to attract people by appealing to their desires or tastes” as defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. “Entertainment,” “activity,” and “interest” are synonyms used for the word “attraction.” “Insight” is defined as the ability to gain a clear understanding.

Merging the two words—“attraction” and “insight”—define our brand by highlighting our capacity to provide detailed information (insight) about tourist destinations throughout the world and entertainment, including films, shows, and beyond.

Our icon further represents our brand by incorporating both the location symbol and an owl eye. The location symbol, which is intended to serve as a visual representation of the word “attraction,” is subtly featured in the icon by seamlessly blending it in with the owl eye. The owl eye, on the other hand, serves as a visual representation of the word “insight”; the open eye shows the desire to see clearly as a means to better understand something. An owl eye, specifically, was integrated into the icon as owls are thought to symbolize wisdom in many Western cultures. In Greek mythology, the goddess of wisdom, Athena, is often depicted with an owl. Moreover, owls, with their large eyes, are perceived as all-seeing.

Our Story

Attraction Insight was officially founded on May 31, 2014.

Prior to developing a website, we shared Universal Orlando images and news on social media. Because of our coverage of Universal Orlando, our brand name was initially inspired by the theme park resort’s name before changing to World of Universal shortly after.

In 2015, we expanded our coverage to also include Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Pictures films. Additionally, we launched worldofuniversal.com, marking a new benchmark by allowing us to provide additional content not previously possible with our original operations, including formal, detailed news updates; in-depth guides; and more.

In mid-2017, we announced our intention to take our brand in a new direction by further expanding our coverage to include other destinations and films beyond Universal.

After internal discussion, we made the decision to rebrand from World of Universal to Attraction Insight in late-2022 to better reflect our content and give new life to our brand.

Our Objective

We strive to provide the most informative news for topics in travel and entertainment as well as effective planning resources for Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Disneyland Resort. With the help of our contributors, we’re able to update our site frequently to ensure the latest information is available.

Our site’s user-friendly design helps us further reach our objective. Unlike similar sites, our website incorporates a simple user interface with attractive elements, high-definition images, easy navigation, and a responsive design to make it easy for users to browse and review information.

Vacations Are Precious

Vacations are epic, magical, exhilarating adventures that are meant to be treasured. We believe that vacations require good planning, which is why we offer complimentary travel guides to some of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, including Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Disneyland Resort. Our extensive knowledge allows us to provide helpful and accurate information designed to help you get the most out of your trip.

Our Team

John Sala

Owner & Editor-in-Chief

Tyler Murillo


Bianca Marquez