Jimmy Fallon, the host of NBC’s The Tonight Show, could be receiving his very own attraction at Universal Orlando. For many years, Twister… Ride It Out has been rumored to leave the resort but yet the attraction still stands, lasting years longer than many of Universal Orlando’s classic attractions like Kongfrontation. In June of this year, permits were filed by the resort that will grant them permission to demolish the interior of a soundstage; the project is titled “Project 727” and is strongly believed to be for Twister… Ride It Out. Recent rumors suggest that a Jimmy Fallon based attraction could be the replacement for the long run Twister attraction.

Jimmy Fallon is the host of the world famous Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood and is even featured in the Jurassic World film; he’s practically the face of NBCUniversal — an American commercial broadcast television network that is a subsidiary of Comcast and the parent company of Universal. Now, he’s rumored to be receiving his very own attraction at a world-class theme park resort that attracts millions of visitors yearly.


According to several sources, the new Jimmy Fallon attraction will be a behind-the-scenes and flying type attraction based upon The Tonight Show on NBC. The first part of the attraction will take guests onto the set of The Tonight Show and will presumably use projections and team members to make guests feel as if they are a part of the show.

Additionally, a flying type simulation will be the finale to the attraction. This addition is expected to be much like Soarin’ at Disney’s EPCOT Center. However, rather than hang gliding over California, guests will be flying over New York City. Twister… Ride It Out’s soundstage is much smaller in size than the building Soarin’ occupies and because of that, Universal’s version will have to be at a much smaller scale. Here’s a technique that we thought would be most fitting:

With this proposal, guests will walk down an aisle (as they currently do with Twister) and take a seat. The row will move in a direction that will allow all guests to view the screen in front of them (as seen in the above video) while gliding. If Universal Orlando is to use this concept, they would be able to keep the interior of Twister… Ride It Out relatively the same. If executed properly, a behind-the-scenes and flight based attraction could make the perfect replacement for Twister.

UPDATE (10/28/15): Universal Orlando confirms Jimmy Fallon attraction. The ride system is not yet known.

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