There are many areas throughout Universal Studios Florida for guests to explore though most of these areas are flooded with tourists visiting from around the world and the country. There are some areas around the park, however, that remain unknown to most guests because they aren’t exactly in plain view despite the locations being shown on the park map. These “hidden” locations are great for you to relax, have fun, explore, and even dine at.

Here are some of the best “hidden” places around Universal Studios Florida:


Sting Alley

Sting Alley is located in the New York area of Universal Studios Florida. The entrance to this dark alleyway can be found on 5th Avenue, Delancey Street, and South Street. No worries, the street names will be marked on the park map and street signs in the area.

This alleyway is great for photographs and even short films that you may be interested in creating. Sting Alley is a great place for you to not only shoot photographs and videos at but to also escape the crowds and explore. Many guests either don’t realize this alleyway or think it’s off limits to guests. The entire area is truly authentic and picture worthy; you won’t want to miss a thing!

Chez Alcatraz

Surely you’ve passed by Chez Alcatraz before as it’s located right next to the Jaws photo spot, which is off a major road in the park.

Chez Alcatraz is a full-service bar that also serves a full menu of tasty meals like flatbreads, sandwiches, and more; the waterside bar also serves vegetarian meals. Chez Alcatraz serves as a great place to unwind, enjoy a nice drink, enjoy a delicious meal, and enjoy the park’s sites. Best of all… you are in the shade and away from the crowds.

Duff Gardens waterfront

The Duff Gardens waterfront can be found directly behind the Jebediah Springfield statue and the Duff Brewery building.

This location not only has an amazing view of Universal’s waterfront and the entire park, but it is also a great place for you to kick back and enjoy a meal in a serene and open-air environment.

Central Park

Central Park is a peaceful yet lively area nestled along Sunset Boulevard, which is located nearby the entrance to Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone and Springfield.

Near the Central Park entrance, you’ll find the DeLorean and the Jules Verne Train from the Back to the Future films. Plus, you may even come across Doc Brown (he’s a great person to interact and have your photo taken with). As you venture through the park itself, you’ll find many trees, squirrels, and a great view of the park. It’s scenery and wildlife almost makes it seem as if you’re in a ‘real’ park and no longer in a theme park. This is a prime location if you plan on escaping the crowds and relaxing for a bit without having the hot sun blazing down on you. Central Park is also a great location to watch Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular, a nighttime show that showcases Universal’s 100-year movie history.

Animal Actors picnic pavilion

Located at the entrance to Animal Actors on Location! at Universal Studios Florida is a shady picnic pavilion. The pavilion has large tables, ample seating, overhead fans, and even covers to keep the sun from shining down on you. You can take a break here and enjoy a nice picnic meal or snack.

The Ball Factory

The Ball Factory is often not even seen by most guests because of its odd location. What makes it odd? Well, it’s at the back section of the park where there’s a dead end. Plus, the Ball Factory is located in the park’s kids area, which is why the surrounding area may be less packed compared to the rest of the park. So does that mean there will be kids there? Well, yes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit it. This play area is great not only for kids but also for kids at heart and we all know that we are all kids at heart.

The Ball Factory can be found in the very back of Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone directly behind Curious George Goes to Town. Here, you’ll find a two-story factory with slides, auto blasters, and soft foam balls. While the area is not the best place to relax you sure can try to… if you don’t mind being blasted by foam balls. The Ball Factory is a great place to have fun and be a kid again. Don’t worry, the kids will understand.

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