Blumhouse and Sony Pictures’ Insidious: The Further is coming as a haunted house to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood.

Your descent into Insidious: The Further begins as you pass through the iconic red door, where tormented spirits and demons from the Insidious franchise await, eager to trap you and claim your soul. In the haunted house, you’ll encounter The Red-Faced Demon, who tries to induce you into his lair; the KeyFace, who intends to imprison you in this dark realm; the dangerous Bride in Black; and the vengeful apparition of the Man Who Can’t Breathe. As you navigate through the house, you’ll journey from one red door to the next, each leading you further into a shadowy and eternal astral realm. Here, you must dodge a host of malevolent entities lurking at every twist and turn, or risk having your soul ensnared…forever.


Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights will kick off on Friday, August 30. Universal Studios Hollywood’s event begins on Thursday, September 5.

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