Universal Orlando has officially unveiled its new hotel complex, located on the former Wet ‘n Wild property. News about this development was unveiled earlier this year in a plan filed with the city of Orlando.

The development, which does not currently have a completion date, will include two hotels; they will offer nightly rates at less than $100, making it Universal’s most affordable on-site hotel to date. The new hotels will also offer benefits that compare with Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort, such as early park admission, complimentary transportation across the destination, and resort-wide charging privileges.


Universal Orlando stated that “guests will enjoy the sun, surf, and sand with a laid-back coastal feel” of the properties. The hotel complex will feature “vibrant and natural colors [that] will set a free-spirited and beachy tone, inviting you to hang loose and enjoy your family vacation.”  Additionally, the complex will include three pools, poolside bars, two food courts, coffee bars, and fitness centers.

Reservations will be accepted in early 2018, according to the announcement. Further details are not yet available.


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