Disney California Adventure is in the midst of a complete transformation. Over the years, the park has introduced new themed areas that tie directly into popular films. Some argue that the park is shifting away from its California theme by redeveloping areas previously inspired by California landmarks and locations, and California Adventure’s Paradise Pier will transform into Pixar Pier, somewhat making such arguments factual. Today, Disney has announced all-new details about this transformation.

Pixar Pier will introduce four neighborhoods representing Pixar stories.


One of the new neighborhoods will represent “The Incredibles.” This neighborhood will house the currently named California Screamin’ coaster; however, the attraction will feature a mid-century-modern-style loading area, new ride vehicles, and new character moments to create a new experience for guests. California Screamin’ is scheduled to close on January 8th to prepare for this transformation.

Toy Story Mania! will remain as is and will be located in an all-new Toy Story-themed neighborhood.

The third neighborhood for Pixar Pier will be inspired by the 2015 film Inside Out. The area, which will be situated on the western side of the boardwalk, will welcome a new family-friendly attraction, scheduled to open at a later date; Disney has not yet revealed details about the ride.

Pixar Pier’s fourth neighborhood will include Mickey’s Fun Wheel and Games of the Boardwalk. This neighborhood will be a “celebration of many of your favorite Pixar stories.” Disney stated that Mickey’s Fun Wheel will close on January 8th in order to be renovated. Mickey’s Fun Wheel will introduce different Pixar characters on all gondolas; the iconic Mickey Mouse face will remain on the wheel. Additionally, the Games of the Boardwalk midway games will be inspired by Pixar characters. Games of the Boardwalk and Sideshow Shirts will also close on January 8th to begin this transformation.

“Ariel’s Grotto restaurant and the Cove Bar will be transformed into a new lounge and grill offering sparkling views of Paradise Bay and the new Pixar Pier,” says Disney. Both locations will close on January 8th to begin the transformation.

The remaining areas of Paradise Pier (Silly Symphony Swings, Paradise Gardens, Jumpin’ Jellyfish, Goofy’s Sky School, Golden Zephyr, and The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure) will be transformed into a new area called Paradise Park.

Pixar Pier will open during the Pixar Fest celebration, which begins April 13th. The event will introduce the new “Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular” fireworks as well as the “Pixar Play Parade” and “Paint the Night” parade.


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