Welcome to the third and final installment in our top 5 series for 2019.

In the last few years, we have seen incredible new attractions, hotels, and additions to theme parks all around the globe, and that trend will continue this year as new, exciting projects are set to open.


In the previous article for this series, we covered the top 5 additions to Disney parks for the new year. Today, we are going to look at the upcoming projects that SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, which includes Busch Gardens, is developing. We have compiled the list in a top-five format, starting with five and working down to number one.

Here are the top five SeaWorld parks projects for 2019:

5) Finnegan’s Flyer – Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is located in Virginia, and unlike its Florida counterpart, this park is themed to various countries in Europe. In 2019, a new thrill ride will make its way to the Irish section of the park. Finnegan’s Flyer is a “screamin’ swing” attraction that features a pair of dueling swinging arms capable of seating as many as 32 riders. The swings intensify as the ride goes on, and with speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, it will surely make for high levels of adrenaline and fear. This flat ride should debut in the park very soon.

4) Tidal Twister – SeaWorld San Diego

Over in California, guests at SeaWorld San Diego will be able to experience an all-new, first-of-its-kind attraction—Tidal Twister, set to open this year. Though classified as a rollercoaster on the park’s website, this attraction is more of a hybrid between a high-thrill flat ride and a coaster. Two trains will duel each other over a compact figure-eight pattern as they twist and roll over one another. This concept comes courtesy of Skyline Attractions, which installed a similar ride within Six Flags this past year, albeit with a different layout. The added element of a zero-g roll makes Tidal Twister more thrilling than a typical attraction. This ride will open in the park in May.

3) KareKare Curl – Aquatica Orlando

Coming in at number three on our list is a brand new water slide that will launch at SeaWorld’s water park, Aquatica. The word “KareKare” means wave, according to the park, and the “curl” part of the title implies a curling wave guests will take on. This water slide will feature a near-vertical halfpipe-shaped wall, giving guests a sense of weightlessness when reaching the apex. Space has been made for this slide next to the park’s wave pool.

2) Sesame Street – SeaWorld Orlando

Set to open at SeaWorld Orlando this year is a brand new children’s area themed to the iconic television show Sesame Street. The centerpiece of this land is the iconic street itself, featuring Mr. Hooper’s Store, Big Bird’s Nest, and the 123 Stoop. Characters like Elmo, Cookie Monster, and many more will greet guests as they navigate the neighborhood. In addition to this, there are several interactive play areas and small attractions perfect for younger crowds. This area will also be host to SeaWorld Orlando’s first-ever in-park parade. Sesame Street will help balance out a park dominated by big coasters and thrilling attractions.

1) Tigris – Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa, the thrill capital of Florida, will introduce its 8th rollercoaster this year with Tigris, a triple-launched coaster that will hold several records upon opening. As the name implies, the ride will be themed to the ferocious Bengal Tiger. Guests will be sent through a twisting, compact layout that reaches a height of 150 feet. Fans of the park might recognize the design of this ride as it is a clone of Tempesto at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Electric Eel at SeaWorld San Diego. The ride will begin with a forward launch through the station, then backward, then forwards again, shooting guests vertically to the peak of the ride. A barrel roll at the top, followed by a compact non-inverting loop on the way down makes for one of the most bizarre coaster designs out there. This compact attraction will open adjacent to SheiKra this May.

That wraps up our top 5 lists for the major theme park destinations. Fans have so much to look forward to this year and the many years to come. As projects debut, attractioninsight.com will be there to keep you informed. Until then, stay tuned here for the latest across the theme park universe.


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