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2019 is here, and Universal Orlando’s biggest development—the all-new Harry Potter coaster—is set to open this year. This groundbreaking attraction is located at Islands of Adventure’s Wizarding World area in the plot of land Dragon Challenge previously occupied.


Although all remnants of Dragon Challenge are gone, the loading dock structure still stands and will be used for the same purpose. Construction crews are currently working on completing the exterior, specifically the top of the building (seen above).

The highlight of the coaster appears to be this towering structure that resembles an abbey.

The Harry Potter coaster will include both indoor and outdoor scenes, creating a coaster experience that does not yet exist at Universal Orlando. Pictured above is a cave that guests will traverse into backward.

One of the scenes for the coaster features a hut, which the track circles inside. Much of the roofing is near completion.

Details regarding what the hut is themed to remain unknown; however, rumors suggest it’ll resemble Hagrid’s hut. Additionally, it is expected that the ride vehicles will be like Hagrid’s motorcycle.

Scaffolding remains on the structure housing the loading dock.

The Harry Potter coaster will feature numerous drops, and one of them will take place in the abbey building.

The Harry Potter coaster is said to be one of Universal Orlando’s most highly-themed coasters to date that will combine a “new level of storytelling with an action-packed adventure,” according to the resort. An opening date for the ride and any details regarding the ride experience have not yet been revealed.

An additional photo update centering around the Harry Potter coaster and other updates around Universal Orlando will be published to in the coming weeks.


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