Earlier this month, Universal Orlando launched three all-new street shows in their Universal Studios Florida theme park. All shows contain musical talent and engage with the audience in different ways. Sing It, Beat Builders, and Straight Outta Food Truck are the three new shows Universal Orlando has launched.

Sing It

Location: Across Revenge of the Mummy and next door to Finnegan’s Bar & Grill in the New York area Universal Studios Florida
In Sing It, a capella singers hit the streets of New York and perform top songs to guests. The performers also battle each other to see who performs best. You can watch the FULL show below.


Beat Builders

Location: Next to Louie’s Italian Restaurant in the New York area of Universal Studios Florida
In Beat Builders, four construction workers make their way to a construction site to work on their current construction project. Instead, the crew makes musical beats using their tools and other objects. You can watch the FULL show below.

Straight Outta Food Truck

Location: Currently located in the San Francisco area of Universal Studios Florida
During Straight Outta Food Truck, three food truck workers create freestyle raps about guests. Straight Outta Food Truck is an interactive, engaging, and innovative show that is different every time


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