Just today, Universal Orlando revealed the intriguing storyline for their newest attraction yet, Skull Island: Reign of Kong, which is set to open this summer at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Skull Island: Reign of Kong will be showcased in 3D and take you for an expedition that’s caught in a clash between prehistoric predators, man-eating beasts, and the colossal ape–King Kong, who returns to Universal Orlando after his 13-plus sleep.

Ride Storyline

After joining the 8th Wonder Expedition Company, you are set on a daring research adventure with one mission: to discover species of unknown origin dwelling within the island’s hidden mystery. Your expedition begins at Skull Island—a land enveloped in mystery and sheered in ancient tales of enormous creatures that are fighting for dominance of a lost world. The goal of the mission is to prove the existence of prehistoric creatures that may have roamed the island.


Your first objective is to reach the communication base at the outlying ruins. Because of a crackling radio broadcast that is preventing communication from scientists, expedition leaders, and fellow explorers, you are set to follow your next objective: head to the 8th Wonder Expedition base camp.

During the journey, there is a hypnotic presence in the rhythmic beating of distant drums, drawing you deeper within the ruin where signs of a native presence become apparent.

Eventually, you make it through base camp and board an expedition vehicle to set off for the heart of the island to meet with the leader of the expedition. Shortly after boarding, you approach a massive temple where drums are beating, flames are rising, and two massive doors open for the vehicle to drive through. Upon entering, you now face a maze of caves where danger lurks at every corner.

Following this, you narrowly escape the caves only to enter a jungle holding yet another challenge. Unexpectedly, you are caught in the battle between colossal, ferocious creatures fighting for dominance until suddenly the big ape himself—King Kong—arrives. What is unknown about his appearance–has he arrived to save the day or make matters worse?

Skull Island: Reign of Kong will become the longest ride in duration at the resort and include first time effects. Mike West, executive producer for Universal Creative, will reveal more details about this attraction within the coming months.


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