Just this month Universal Orlando unveiled their new website to promote the new blockbuster attraction, Skull Island: Reign of Kong. In the past, Universal Studios Hollywood used a destruction filled teaser commercial to advertise King Kong 360 3-D. This time around, Universal has taken a rather unique approach when it comes to this new Kong attraction.

The new site is the home of the fictitious series Myth Explorer: The Quest for Kong , which is dedicated to uncovering mysteries around the globe, and in particular the big ape himself. The website’s main page states:


“Adventurer Erin Ryder explores some of the deadliest environments on the planet to find the  truth behind the mysterious and unexplained. On Myth Explorer, Erin and her crew brave an  island that doesn’t appear on any official map—a rocky, skull­shaped jungle in the Indian Ocean  where the story of King Kong originated. Join her quest to uncover the facts that prove the  colossal legend is real.” 

Erin Ryder may seem familiar to some people. That’s because she has appeared on the Travel Channel’s “Destination Truth” a few years ago. It seems her background in that series was the main influence for the look and feel of Universal’s new “show.” The website features a video that previews the entire “season” as well as five video links, one per episode. It appears that as we get closer to the ride’s opening date, more and more episodes will be revealed. It is still unclear when exactly the first of the episodes will air, but one has to imagine with all the progress the ride has made recently that it won’t be too much longer.

The preview video for the season gives us an insight as to what to expect on the site soon. In the video, Ryder states: “The classic story goes that filmmaker, Carl Denham, found Skull Island in 1933, but there is evidence that the tales surrounding Denham and his adventures are based on some very real facts.” The video goes on to mention that the island was supposedly destroyed by geological forces and disappeared. Ryder doubts this, believing the story was made up to  cover up missing expeditions that came after Denham and assembles a small team to uncover the truth about Skull Island and the “legend” of King Kong. Reign of Kong’s page on the resort’s main website has the following ride description:
Live the brutal struggle of a 1930’s expedition that’s caught in a clash between prehistoric  predators, man­eating beasts and the most colossal ape ever to walk the earth—King Kong.  Around every thrilling turn, ferocious monsters fight for dominance, while you just fight to survive. It’s the multi­sensory, multi­dimensional ride for your life.

Myth Explorer’s content will certainly keep the masses tuned in every episode. The most  thrilling ride the resort has ever built will be here very soon and we all look forward to more ride promotions of this caliber in the near future. Skull Island: Reign of Kong arrives at Universal’s Islands of Adventure summer 2016.


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