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Walt Disney World is working to complete the much-awaited Galaxy’s Edge and their all-new transportation system, both of which will open this year. The resort is also constructing two new rides for Epcot as well as a brand new immersive dining location. These additions will drastically change the experience for guests visiting the resort. This photo update will cover these sites in addition to a couple of other developments.


Our first stop is to Epcot. The show building for the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster is easily visible from the parking lot.

Seen in the above photo as well as the multiple images below is the section in which the track exits the queue structure (formerly Ellen’s Energy Adventure) and enters the show building.

During this transition, the track moves upward as it begins to enter the large show building.

Captured in the below photo is a different perspective of the transition in which the ride vehicles enter the show building. This gives a glimpse of just how large the structure is.

The show building will house much of the coaster’s track, hence its large size. The building that was previously used by Ellen’s Energy Adventure will simply serve as a queue and loading/unloading station.

Since our last photo update, there are no apparent changes to the exterior of the queue structure.

The Guardians of the Galaxy coaster will become Epcot’s first coaster and the resort’s first Marvel-themed ride.

The ride’s structure is visible throughout much of Epcot. Disney seems to be attempting to make the building less noticeable by camouflaging it with the sky.

As part of Disney’s grand plan to revitalize Epcot, the park is welcoming a slew of new projects. One of these ideas is a new immersive dining location that will give guests the illusion they’re in space.

Much work has yet to be completed, but this space-themed restaurant is scheduled to open this year.

The restaurant will be circular in shape as seen in the construction images.

Barges and construction equipment are currently in the World Showcase Lagoon, and this has been the case for quite a while. Since these images were taken, work on a small structure is now taking place. This development is for the park’s new nighttime show, which will replace the long-running IllumiNations.

The site pictured above and below is the show building for a Ratatouille ride in the France pavilion.

Starting this fall, guests can use Walt Disney World’s new transportation system—The Disney Skyliner. The Skyliner is a gondola system that will connect Epcot with Hollywood Studios and select Disney resort hotels.

The above photo is the Skyliner station for Epcot. The design is inspired by the architecture of the nearby pavilions, and it features a mural with the theme of flight.

The Skyliner station for Hollywood Studios is located near the front of the park as opposed to the back (Epcot’s station is situated near the back of the park).

The station is designed to complement Hollywood Studios’ architecture.

Ride vehicles are beginning to appear on the cables for testing. The vehicles will feature numerous Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Buzz Lightyear.

Inside the stations, crews are working on mechanical and electrical installations.

Disney’s most highly anticipated project—Galaxy’s Edge—opens this fall, and it’ll bring numerous immersive attractions for guests to experience.

Most construction cannot be seen from ground level; however, it is still possible to see progress on the rock work.

Sections of Galaxy’s Edge emerge from Toy Story Land.

This concludes our photo update for Hollywood Studios and Epcot. Stay tuned to for future photo updates.


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