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This year, Universal Orlando will open its much awaited Harry Potter coaster, and while construction begins to wrap up on that development, the resort is already working on a new project in the Jurassic Park area of Islands of Adventure. This month’s Universal Orlando photo update will cover these additions as well as an upcoming dining location that will debut at the Universal Studios Florida park.


Beverly Hills Boulangerie permanently shut its doors last month to make way for a new establishment. While Universal has not announced what will take its place, it is believed that a cafe based on NBC’s Today Show will open.

As you approach the Islands of Adventure lagoon, construction vehicles can easily be spotted in the distance.

Universal has remained silent on the work taking place; however, permits filed indicate that the resort is working on a new attraction.

Since construction has begun, trees and pavement have been removed from the Jurassic Park waterfront. This area is expected to be entirely redesigned to handle larger crowds.

Rumors suggest that the resort is developing a new roller coaster for this area of the park. The coaster will open up in the abandoned Triceratops Encounter, but it will also travel in front of the Discovery Center.

Construction walls surrounding sections of the area display dinosaurs and logos for the franchise.

It’s unclear if the attraction will be themed to Jurassic Park or Jurassic World. It’s likely that the ride may feature Jurassic World references considering the fact that we have seen elements of the films being introduced to the area, such as Blue meeting guests. Unlike the Harry Potter coaster, however, this one may not be as heavily themed.

Work on the Harry Potter coaster will soon wrap up. An opening date has not yet been announced, but looking back at Universal Orlando’s past projects, it’s possible the ride will open in time for the summer season.

As the opening approaches, it’s getting increasingly difficult to view the work site.

However, the structure pictured above is still slightly visible over the trees.

A majority of the remaining work at this stage includes theming.

A leaked image of the new attraction indicates what the completed project will look like.

The coaster will feature multiple launches as well as a reverse section. Multiple buildings, greenery, and water elements will make this an experience, unlike anything the resort has opened.

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