When I first heard about the Barbie movie, I must admit, I had my doubts. After all, it’s based on a toy designed for children, and I wasn’t sure if it could appeal to a wider audience. However, after much hype, its success at the box office, and its overwhelmingly positive reviews, I decided to watch the movie for myself. Besides, I’m an AMC Stubs A-List member—I can watch up to 3 movies a week for free, so it’s not like I’m spending extra money for a standalone movie ticket.

First and foremost, the storyline of the Barbie movie is quite solid and compelling. The movie weaves together elements of adventure, comedy, and even a touch of mystery, creating a rather captivating narrative. The film takes unexpected turns that keep you on your toes (that’s a Barbie movie reference) and, at times, pleasantly bewildered.


To briefly touch on Barbie’s storyline without revealing major spoilers, all of the toys live in Barbie Land. All of the female toys are named Barbie and all of the males are named Ken, with the exception of Allan being the only one in Barbie Land with a unique name. Barbie Land is the supposed perfect place, yet the main Barbie, referred to in the movie as Stereotypical Barbie (played by Margot Robbie) faces an existential crisis impacting her physical and mental well-being. According to Weird Barbie (played by Kate McKinnon), Stereotypical Barbie’s life is being impacted by factors in the real world. Stereotypical Barbie must visit the real world to discover what is causing her to change in her perfect land. Her trip there, however, results in further complications that unexpectedly alter her home of Barbie Land. Stereotypical Barbie and the other Barbies must work together to restore their world to what it once was. After the entire ordeal, Stereotypical Barbie comes at odds with herself, which essentially sees her setting out to find her true purpose in life.

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Oddly enough, one of Barbie‘s greatest strengths is its ability to embrace its weirdness . . . in a good way. Don’t worry, it’s not in any way cringeworthy (good!). The Barbie movie is not afraid to take risks and introduce imaginative and unconventional elements. These quirky moments add a layer of charm and humor to the overall experience, making it a truly unique and enjoyable viewing.

Speaking of not being afraid to take risks, empowering women is a central theme of the Barbie movie, and it does so flawlessly. The female characters are depicted as strong, intelligent, and capable, breaking stereotypes and highlighting that women can do anything they set their minds to. It sends a powerful message of empowerment to viewers of all ages and inspires both girls and women to believe in themselves and their abilities.

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The movie’s music deserves special mention. The catchy, memorable tunes perfectly complement the on-screen action, enhancing the storytelling and leaving a lasting impact on viewers. The songs are not only fun to listen to but also serve as a vehicle for expressing the characters’ emotions and furthering the plot.

Additionally, the cinematography is superb! The lighting, visuals, and vibrant colors are definitely eye-catching.

The Barbie film’s appeal stretches far beyond the Mattel toy’s intended audience, attracting teens, young adults, and beyond. Its PG-13 rating actually means that it wasn’t written with young children in mind. That’s because the movie includes suggestive references and brief language. Unsurprisingly, the Barbie movie attracts a largely female crowd due to its messaging and the toy’s intended market, but it’s still entertaining for others regardless. Barbie‘s clever writing, humorous moments, and universal themes ensure that viewers of many ages can find something to enjoy. Whether you have a fondness for the Barbie brand or not, this movie has something to offer everyone, and Warner Bros. is betting on that by highlighting that context in its official trailer for the movie.

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Warner Bros. deserves commendation for its effective promotion of the film. Clearly, their efforts have paid off as the Barbie movie has been a resounding success at the box office. Surpassing all expectations, since its release just last week, it has amassed a staggering $382 million worldwide as of Monday. The movie’s achievement as the biggest opening weekend of 2023 as well as the highest-grossing Monday for Warner Bros. in history, is a testament to its wide appeal and undeniable popularity.

In conclusion, the Barbie movie is not my personal top movie of the year, but it is indeed a fun, comic, and enthralling movie to watch, far surpassing my initial expectations. My take: if you’re curious about the film, watch it for yourself.

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