Springfield is now open at Universal Studios Hollywood. After being open for over a week now, it is where everyone is heading to when they visit Universal Studios Hollywood. Springfield is an expansion to the already existing Simpsons ride. This new area features similar buildings to the Springfield at Universal Studios Florida as well as many additions.

The expansion is based off the popular TV show, The Simpsons, and includes many new places to dine, such as Krusty Burger and places not showcased at Universal Orlando, like Phineas Q. Butterfat’s Flavors Ice Cream Parlor.


The expansion also showcases backdrops of Herman’s Military Antiques, Barney’s Bowlarama, Dr. Nick Riviera’s Office, King Toot’s Music Store, Springfield Police Station, Springfield Penitentiary, Springfield Elementary School, the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, and more. These locations are not physical buildings to visit but they make for great photographs.

The Simpsons ride is the centerpiece and main attraction of the Springfield expansion. The Simpsons ride is themed after the Krustyland amusement park, as seen in episodes of the Simpsons.

The Springfield expansion is a great step and is moving Universal Studios Hollywood in the right direction. There are many more expansions coming to the movie theme park both this year, next year, and the many more years to come. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Fast and Furious: Supercharged will provide Universal Studios Hollywood with some great new attractions also expanding its popularity.


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