Just this month Universal Studios Hollywood introduced a new online dynamic pricing structure. The new system gives exclusive discounts to those purchasing tickets online versus those purchasing tickets at the front gate. With the new system, guests can save $5-$20 depending upon the day the ticket is purchased for. Also included in the system is early park admission and a guaranteed date.

By booking a ticket online at Universal Studios Hollywood’s official website, you will be required to choose the exact date you plan to use the ticket. The park’s website highlights each day with coded colors specifying how much you would save by purchasing online. For example, a purple shaded date shows that you would save $5 by purchasing online versus the $95 ticket at the gate and a yellow shaded date shows that you would save $20 versus the regular price at the gate.
Below is a look at how the system works:


While this is an option, you are not required to use the new pricing structure. Universal Studios Hollywood’s website also offers an anytime admission ticket that allows guests to purchase a ticket for $95 + tax and use the ticket on any day through December 31st, 2016.


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