Ever since Halloween Horror Nights 10, Jack the Clown has been a legendary Halloween Horror Nights figure. Jack the Clown appeared in several Halloween Horror Nights events and will return for Halloween Horror Nights 25. Jack the Clown isn’t your ordinary circus clown. Jack is an evil clown, an insane circus clown who murders his victims according to his sense of humor.

This afternoon, Universal Orlando announced that Jack the Clown would return to host this year’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando. He’s back and he’s ready better than ever. Jack has shed his old coat for something of his own design. His face is more weathered, more lived in. JACK IS BACK AND SCARIER THAN EVER!


Halloween Horror Nights hasn’t had an icon or theme in several years. The return of Jack will not only bring the return of an icon and a theme but will also make this year’s event the best. This year’s event will be the largest and longest in Halloween Horror Nights history. There will be 30 nights of mayhem, 9 terrifying haunted houses, 5 scare zones with the most scare actors ever, and 2 outrageous shows. Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 25 will run on select nights from September 18th through November 1st.

More details about Halloween Horror Nights 25 will be announced in the future. Stay tuned.


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