“Slaughter Sinema” joins this year’s lineup of houses for Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando. This original house will take “80s B-movie monsters and creatures and [put] them into one frightening experience,” according to Universal Orlando’s post.

As a part of the experience, guests will see film trailers displaying what’s about to be encountered before entering a local drive-in. Eventually, guests will make their way into the theater’s snack bar, but onward, “it’s all downward for this double-feature.”


As highlighted earlier, Slaughter Sinema will use various 80s B-movie monsters, so in one film, guests will be hunted by werewolf bikers. In another film, however, guests will confront a “bloody, gut-strewn pumpkin patch.” Your goal: Avoid becoming the snack of these horrific creatures.

This year’s Halloween Horror Nights event in Orlando will feature 10 houses, a record number. The event is scheduled to run on select nights from September 14 through November 3.


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