Universal’s Superstar Parade is receiving a new addition — The Secret Life of Pets. This December, characters from the hit animation film, including Max, Duke, Leonard, Gidget, Chloe and more, will be featured in the parade with two all-new floats and an upbeat musical performance.

This portion of the Superstar Parade begins with Max and his friend Duke welcoming guests to New York. The first parade float (pictured above) is themed to appear like Central Park during the fall. The main float (pictured below) is themed to resemble apartment buildings located in the Big Apple.


In addition to the new floats and character appearances, parkour gymnasts will flip, balance, and rebound to a musical track, while dancers “take to the streets with an edgy rhythm.”

According to Universal Orlando, the new Secret Life of Pets floats will also make multiple appearances outside of Mel’s Drive-In throughout the day to put on a special show and allow guests to interact with the characters.


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