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The World of Disney store at Disney Springs recently celebrated its reopening celebration. Sections of the store had previously been closed to the public while it was undergoing refurbishment. While the store partially opened with a new design during the summer, the entire store was not yet completed until last month. The redesigned World of Disney store now brings an entirely new experience to guests, ditching the so-called “Disney style” and aiming for an industrial design with a hint of Disney magic.


We begin this update with a look at the exterior of the store. The redesigned entrances now feature the new World of Disney logo.

Disney branded products, in addition to character sketches, can be seen inside the store.

The reimagined store features a more open layout, allowing crowds to better roam throughout the structure. Common colors found throughout the store include various shades of brown, gray, black, and blue; this is a drastic change from the store’s previous color scheme.

The industrial design introduces interior brick walls, exposed air conditioning units, factory-style pendant lighting, and more.

This up-close image captures the detail of the brick walls. It also shows a distressed sign reading “Sunshine State Oranges.” This ties into the theme of what the redesigned store is meant to resemble—a citrus factory.

The World of Disney store has added various new Disney touches, dropping many of the princess elements and characters hanging from above and opting for a more elegant approach.

For this princess section, Disney selected numerous chandeliers to descend from the ceiling. Another key feature is the backdrop of Cinderella Castle on the wall; the wall may also show other images/videos.

As seen in the first few photos, sketches are being placed next to many of the products on display. In the display shown above, a drawing of Mickey Mouse is situated with the Mickey merchandise.

The World of Disney store includes a Star Wars section with numerous toys available for purchase.

Guests can also select a Darth Vader or R2-D2 t-shirt, a Star Wars-themed hat, and other Star Wars branded clothing.

Near one of the entrances to the store is an area dedicated to Disney-themed mugs and other kitchen products.

Many of the different sections of the redesigned store include key features and/or a lighted or themed sign. This stuffed animal area features several lighted signs, including one that reads “Cuddly” and another that reads “Play.”

Directly next to the play section are fitting rooms for guests to try on clothing they’re interested in purchasing. The “loaded dock” signage is a reference to the store’s theme.

This area of the World of Disney store features holiday products. The area is decked out with lighted garland, red and green lights shining above, miniature Christmas trees, and more.

The checkout counters are now themed to appear as drawers used by animators.

The drawers are marked with labels that list multiple Disney films, including The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh as well as Aristocats.

Sketches are visible on the cashier desks.

Although World of Disney has eliminated its vibrant colors and large Disney characters on display, it still features the “Disney style.” The store now focuses on one overall style/theme that is consistent throughout the store’s different sections. Disney touches are still incorporated into the store, however. Disney art, movie posters, and projected walls are just a few of the key Disney features.


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