Hulu is now officially available on the Disney+ app. Viewers who have subscribed to the Disney+ and Hulu bundle will now experience a more integrated service. Inside the Disney+ app, Hulu content has been given its own dedicated space represented by a tile. This is positioned alongside other major categories such as Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic, streamlining the user experience. Subscribers can now directly select Hulu’s offerings from within Disney+ without having to switch applications. Hulu continues to have its own app as well.

Disney’s integration of Hulu into the Disney+ app follows the company’s announcement in mid-2023 and after months of beta testing.


Accompanying the changes in service integration, Disney has also undertaken a visual refresh of the Disney+ app icon. The update merges the blue color scheme of the Disney+ icon with the green tone synonymous with the Hulu brand, symbolizing the union of the two streaming services under the Disney+ umbrella.


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