What is there to say about theme parks? Well, they’re pretty amazing! They’re fun, adventurous and open a world of action, imagination, and tons more. However, if you’re headed to a theme park over the summer, chances are the temperatures will reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Summer in Florida can be excruciating and let’s be honest you are definitely going to sweat. So, here’s a few tips on what to wear and what not to wear and also a list of some things that you should bring when you hit up the parks over the summer.

What to Wear


Between all the walking, standing in line and the hot sun beating down on you, shorts are a definite must. You do not want to be wearing jeans during the summertime because one thing’s for sure, your legs are going to be on fire. Most people prefer jeans and that’s fine but fair warning, if you are going to Universal Orlando or any theme park in Florida during the summer, it will be scorching.


Comfortable Tops

Muscle tees, tank tops, crop tops, cotton material tees—all of these are perfectly fine. It would make sense not wear any long-sleeve shirts during the summer, however, there are some people that do it. Future tip, wear something with short sleeves or go sleeveless. You can also roll up your sleeves as well if it’s getting too hot. Furthermore, this goes out to all the ladies, be careful wearing white, especially if you are going on a water ride because you do not want anything to be revealed. Also, black is a NO. The color black doesn’t attract the sun’s rays, but it does absorb them and it will make you warmer.


There are people that will wear flip-flops to the parks and if you’re comfortable in them then go ahead and wear them. Sneakers are preferably a better choice particularly if you enjoy going on roller coasters. Take Dragon Challenge, for example, you must wear your flip-flops while on the coaster or you will have to put them on your seat and sit on them. This can be a total hassle because most of the people on these rides tend to loose them. Bring sneakers or any other closed toe shoe to the parks, they will feel better when walking long distances and will be a better choice especially if a storm approaches.

What to Bring

Ponchos or Raincoats

You never know when it’s going to rain so it’s better to be prepared and pack one of these ahead of time. Also, it’s much cheaper to purchase these outside of the park. Ponchos are sold just about anywhere. So buy them in advance for a fraction of the cost you’ll pay at the theme parks.

AAA Card

If you are a AAA member, definitely bring your membership card. AAA members can receive discounts on food, merchandise, and more, all you have to do is show an employee your AAA membership card at the cash register. Please note that AAA members may not receive discounts at park stands.

Waterproof Zipped Bags

This is undoubtedly a must have. If you’re one of those people that love going on water rides, you’ll want to make sure that you keep your cellphone and camera dry. If you don’t plan on putting your belongings in a locker or having a person in your party hold your belongings, then a zipped bag will do the trick just fine.

Water Bottles

Water is a must have at theme parks. Plan on purchasing a Universal Studios merchandise cup or pack one if you purchased one during your last trip. With a merchandise cup, you can get free refills of water and refills of Coca-Cola (not available with all souvenir cups, talk to an employee for more details). If you don’t have or plan on purchasing a water bottle, purchase water outside of the parks. Water bottles at the parks tend to cost more. Please be aware that Universal Orlando is strict with water and may or may not allow outside beverages; however, most times water is allowed past security.


Many people might not like this but it is very important. Bring your own sunscreen with you and reapply whenever the summer heat will beat down on you. Anything you purchase beforehand will be a lot cheaper than paying at the park.

Change of Clothes

If you plan on riding water rides and don’t want to stay wet during your entire visit, bring a change of clothes. They do have dryers at the park (specifically Universal’s Islands of Adventure) which cost roughly $5, but they may not work as expected.

Camera and/or Phone

Cameras and mobile devices are great for those that love to take photographs or in case you get separated from your party. Photos are a great way to keep a beautiful memory. Moreover, don’t forget to bring a portable phone/camera charger or just bring the charger itself, the park has outlets everywhere.

Portable Fan

During the summer, the humidity and sun will weigh down on you. Portable fans will keep the sweat off your body and keep you cooled off during your visit. Portable fans can be purchased both at the resort and off-site.

A Hat or Sunglasses

With the sun shining all day long, hats and sunglasses will shield your eyes. Not only will they protect you from the sun, but they’ll also make better photographs; they are fashionable, and you won’t be squinting in any photos.


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