Carnival Cruise Line is creating a buzz with its latest reveal about the unique areas coming to its new and exclusive destination at Grand Bahama. Named Celebration Key, this retreat, which is set to welcome guests in the summer of 2025, is conceptualized to be a tribute to the island’s breathtaking natural aesthetics and its rich cultural tapestry. Embracing relaxation and offering a plethora of recreational pursuits, Celebration Key is carved into five unique areas called portals, featuring the largest freshwater lagoons in the Caribbean, a white sand beach, an adult-only private club, dining venues, libation stations, and more.

Celebration Key Portals

  • The Welcome Portal serves as the initial gateway to the wonders of the destination, providing visitors with essential guidance to embark on their preferred adventures. Amidst the ambient melodies of live music, a grandiose sandcastle rises at the heart of Celebration Key, symbolizing the pinnacle of beachfront enjoyment.
  • The Family-Friendly Portal beckons as an idyllic haven for families, offering a selection of activities for families with kids of all ages. Here, one can revel in the expansive freshwater lagoon, enjoy aquatic play at the splash pad with a shallow pool, or feel the rush of competitive spirits on the dual racing slides anchored in the sandcastle. Sports courts abound for the athletically inclined, while unique spaces cater specifically to the interests of kids and teens. The beach is dotted with an assortment of loungers, and the options for cabana rentals are varied, including beachside cabanas, villa retreats with private slides descending into the lagoon, and floating cabanas. Beyond the entertainment, the area hosts various dining choices for every palate.
  • The Adult-Friendly Portal invites adults to immerse themselves in a serene retreat by the expansive freshwater lagoon or to bask in the sun on the white sands along the shore, all while relishing the soothing embrace of the Bahamian sea. For those looking to unwind, a visit to the swim-up bar offers a chance to sip on cocktails, accompanied by the dynamic rhythms spun by a DJ. An assortment of cabana rentals are available, with choices ranging from beachside accommodations to exclusive villas featuring private slides that whisk you directly into the waters of the lagoon, and even floating cabanas. Dining venues are just steps away at multiple dining establishments, including a full-service eatery that presents an array of dishes, including local Bahamian flavors.
  • Experience the exclusivity of the Private Club Portal, designed for those seeking a tranquil and luxurious day. This adults-only sanctuary features an infinity pool that gazes upon the crystal-clear Bahamian seascape, surrounded by loungers nestled amid palm trees and vivid greenery. Enjoy privileged access to a secluded portion of the beach, and indulge in elevated dining experiences.
  • The Retail Portal is a vibrant homage to the Bahamian heritage, adorned with stunning murals created by local artists. This shopping paradise offers an array of genuine Bahamian crafts and products from native sellers, in addition to Duty-Free outlets. While wandering through this area, visitors can also savor the culinary delights of the Bahamas at a variety of dining and drinking venues.

Celebration Key is a highlighted stop on over 500 cruise itineraries, included in the offerings of 18 ships from Carnival’s fleet, embarking from nine different homeports across the United States.


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