Carnival Graveyard: Rust in Pieces is an all-new original house coming to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights this year.

“The caramel-coated carnivals of yesteryear have long died, but something sinister has festered within the decay,” writes Charles Gray, a writer and show director for Halloween Horror Nights.


Carnival Graveyard takes the environment of a carnival and places guests inside of it. This site, however, features pieces and parts of multiple carnivals that have been left to rot, so guests won’t be waiting in line for rides, they’ll be paying the price of their life.

According to Universal Orlando’s announcement, this original house will feature ride pieces that have been transformed into instruments of torture as well as walls covered in blood from past victims.

This year’s Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando will feature a record number of 10 houses. The event is scheduled to run on select nights from September 14th through November 3rd.


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