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Which Disney Snack Are You?
You got: Churro

You can best be described as flavorful and stiff, yet soft with a sprinkle of sweetness, just like Churros. In other words, you are unique and assertive, yet kind and pleasant. Your outgoing personality is what makes you stand out, and it's why you are often the life of the party.
You got: Dole Whip

Dole Whips are vibrant and sweet, yet delicate and creamy. Their pleasant features are what make them a fan favorite. Similarly, you are a vibrant individual with a sweet, caring personality that helps refresh and give strength to the people you're around. Your charming characteristics are why people enjoy being with you.
You got: Mickey Pretzel

Mickey pretzels are a classic, simple treat with a savory and pleasurable taste that isn't overwhelming. Just like Mickey pretzels, you're a modest person with a lively yet composed disposition. You are also loyal, resilient, generous, and true to yourself. This is why people trust you.
Image: Disney
You got: Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars have a rich taste; they have a crunchy exterior and a creamy, soft interior. Similarly, you have a rich, unique personality, and that's why you are adored. You're resilient, unwilling to back down from a challenge, but you also have a soft tone that makes it easy for you to build relationships with people. It's no wonder you're great at comforting others during tough situations.
Image: Disney
You got: Turkey Leg

Disney's smoked turkey legs have a unique and tender taste. Similarly, you are tender (compassionate) as well, and your personality is certainly unique. You like to spread your wings and discover and learn new things. You are also free-spirited and sharp. Rock on for being who you are!
Image: Kathryn Wirsing

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