You’re the one . . . the only . . . the fabulous . . .

You're starting your day at the park with the most important meal of the day—Breakfast. Where are you eating?

You finished breakfast. Which ride are you going on first?

You've heard about all the tasy treats in the park, and you can't resist. What snack are you getting?

What's next on your itinerary?

You've ridden all the thrill rides. Now you want to go on a relaxing ride. Pick one:

It's evening. What are you having for dinner?

Out of all the themed lands you've explored at Disneyland Park, which one has been your favorite?

Your day has come to a close. What souvenir are you buying to treasure your day?

Spend a Day at Disneyland, and We’ll Tell You Which Dumbo Character You Are

You're like Jumbo Jr. aka Dumbo! You're sensitive, but also jolly, caring, and tenacious.
Image: Disney
Timothy Q. Mouse

You're like Timothy Q. Mouse! You have a confident, bold, sharp-witted, and kindhearted personality. You're also the friend everyone deserves.
Image: Disney
Mrs. Jumbo

You're like Mrs. Jumbo! Like her, you are sweet and caring and will go to great lengths to protect those you love.
Image: Disney

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