Last Summer, SeaWorld Orlando debuted its newest water attraction, Infinity Falls, as part of continued expansion and transformation of the park. This thrilling river rapids ride will take you on a fast-paced journey through a freshwater river delta, soaking geysers, and a record-breaking final drop.

In my previous visit to the park, I just missed the opening of Infinity Falls by a few days, so upon coming back, I was excited to finally take my ride on this new addition to the park. This review will be broken down into three sections: Queue, Ride Experience, and Overall Opinion.



Unlike attractions I have reviewed in the past, where I was in very long and elaborate queues, this attraction’s line is entirely outdoors and relatively short in comparison to a ride like Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls at Islands of Adventure. The attraction is part of a mini-land of SeaWorld themed to a river expedition in South America. Upon entering the area, you cross a bridge that acts as a great photo op/viewing area of the signature feature of the ride: the massive waterfall drop.

The queue begins to the left of the bridge and winds around various expedition camp supplies such as kayaks, oars, crates, helmets, and other gear. The entire queue is outdoors (with some shade structures towards the end) and is very well-landscaped with tropical plants. The ride path surrounds the entire queue, giving fantastic views of fellow explorers braving the rapids. After a few switchbacks, the line reaches the station, which is open air, and constantly cycles the rafts on a moving belt. Once you board your raft, the expedition begins.

Ride Experience

The ride vehicles for Infinity Falls are similar to any other river rapids ride. These rafts seat eight people in a circle and feature seat belts to secure you. In the center, there is a handrail to hold on to during the course of the ride. Unlike Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges, there isn’t a plastic cover in the center to keep your belongings dry. Because of this, I suggest renting a locker if you don’t want any of your items to get soaked, and trust me they will.

As the rafts depart the station, you get a brief moment of calmness, then the ride kicks into high gear. The rafts pass underneath a stone archway and immediately traverse choppy rapids, sending the ride vehicles in many different directions. This part of the ride has stellar theming, including crumbling ruins, numerous tropical trees, and multi-leveled waterfalls. After passing under the ride’s entrance, the rafts make their way up the first of two lifts. Once cresting the top of the lift hill, riders are met with frothing water. The pace then quickly intensifies. The channels of water in this section of the attraction are more narrow than before, leading to what I call “water slaps.” Essentially, the rafts go up a small wave of water and come crashing down over and over, getting every rider soaked instantly. To me, this was the best of the two sections.

Final Drop on Infinity Falls

Finally, the rafts turn the corner to approach the final drop. In a rather unique twist, the vehicles reach the top via a fast-moving elevator rather than a traditional lift. Once at the top, you get stunning views of the entire river delta area. However, before you can take in the view for too long, the rafts come sliding down and create a huge wall of water, splashing guests on the entry bridge and everyone in the raft. The vehicles return to the station, and riders disembark into the rest of the land.

Overall Opinion

Infinity Falls is a great water attraction that has the perfect mix of thrills, high re-rideability, family fun, and soaking wetness. The surrounding area has excellent theming and fits in very nicely with the rest of the park. While not on the same level of theming as rides at Disney or Universal, I thought Infinity Falls was quite impressive. This attraction is a great way to escape the hot summer days in Florida as I can guarantee you won’t get off dry. The rapids themselves were quite intense, and I loved every bit of it, especially in the second half of the ride. The final drop was also great, and the added bonus of the elevator lift creates a heightened sense of anticipation for the finale. This attraction is fun for the whole family while mixing in a few thrills at the same time.

After only one time on the ride, it’s hard to compare it to the other water-based attractions in the state. However, after some consideration, I would definitely group Infinity Falls with Universal Orlando’s Popeye attraction as the most soaking water rides in Florida. Regardless, I highly recommend taking a journey on Infinity Falls the next time you visit SeaWorld Orlando.

Thanks for reading this ride review. As always, Attraction Insight will be on the lookout for new ride openings and provide you with reviews as soon as possible. Stay tuned for the latest in the world of theme parks.


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