The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a completely immersive experience, in both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade Village at Universal Orlando. One way to enhance your experience at the parks is to partake in the foods and treats located within the Wizarding World. The sweet shop Honeydukes, located in Hogsmeade, is home to many treats taken straight from the Harry Potter books. If you know where to look, you can find authentic and delicious treats that Harry and his friends have mentioned, available for purchase in Honeydukes at a fraction of the cost of many of the other options in the shop.

Honeydukes is the flagship sweet shop located in Hogsmeade village. It is located right inside the Hogsmeade entrance adjacent to the replica Hogwarts Express train. It is where every wizard and witch goes for a sweet snack! Inside, you will find many pre-packaged treats, all of which are taken from the pages of the Harry Potter series. The bakery case is where it’s at though. Here, you will find mundane treats such as candy apples and rice crispy treats, but the bakery case inside Honeydukes is also home to some delicious and budget-friendly treats that Harry and his friends adored.


The first suggestion is the ever popular cauldron cake. Harry and his friends enjoyed these on their first train ride to Hogwarts. It is a moist chocolate cake, filled with a rich chocolate mousse. The bottom of the cake is dipped in chocolate. On top, a piece of molded chocolate is used for a handle to complete the “cauldron” and a shaving of white chocolate is placed on top of the mousse peeking out of the top of the cauldron. For $3.95, it’s a steal! It is large enough to share, or more than enough for one person to eat as a snack alone.

Next up is the pumpkin tart. At $2.95, it is one of the most budget-friendly choices within the park. It consists of a flaky pastry shell, filled with pumpkin pie filling. It is topped with whipped cream and a chocolate piece, along with several small walnut chunks. For under $3, you can get an authentic treat that makes you feel like you are truly in the Wizarding World. It is also large enough to split, but easy enough to eat alone.

There are several other book-specific treats as well, including pumpkin cakes and treacle fudge, which both ring in at $3.95; also available is Hagrid’s rock cake, which costs $2.95. There are other options at the bakery case too, so it’s up to you. But if you want to stick to authentic Harry Potter themed treats, Honeydukes offers up many homemade treats at a fraction of the boxed candy in the store. When visiting Honeydukes, make your way up to the bakery case by the register, and you surely won’t regret it – and you’ll get out cheaper and even more satisfied!

This article was originally published on June 4th, 2015.


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