Just yesterday, Universal Orlando announced a new haunted house for their upcoming Halloween Horror Nights event and new details emerged about Skull Island: Reign of Kong from USA Today’s exclusive preview of the attraction.

Walking Dead House Announced

AMC’s The Walking Dead will return to this year’s Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal Orlando in an all-new way. Guests will propel into the maze and experience not just one or two seasons from the hit show but rather all six seasons in one house, taking fans through favorite moments and scenes.


When guests enter this year’s house, they’ll escape from the barnyard, get reacquainted with a gruesome Walker collection, race through Terminus, and venture through the sewers of Alexandria. When in the sewers, guests will be caught in a battle against ferocious Wolves.

Official statement:
This fall, Universal Orlando Resort is bringing back AMC’s hit series, “The Walking Dead,” to Halloween Horror Nights, propelling guests into the most horrifying highlights of all six seasons – all in one unbelievably terrifying haunted house.

Guests will walk – or run – in the footsteps of the show’s cast of survivors, fending off packs of flesh-hungry walkers at every turn. They’ll step inside instantly-recognizable locations, such as the hospital from Season 1 where Rick awakens to a world overrun with the dead, the unnerving home of the Governor in Season 3 and the seemingly-safe refuge, Terminus, from Season 4.

The experience will culminate with iconic scenes from Season 6, where guests will trudge through a decomposed sewer and try to evade the brutal pack of villains, The Wolves, after they’ve invaded Alexandria. Along the way, they’ll rush to avoid the bite of the show’s most memorable walkers – including some that have never been seen before at “Halloween Horror Nights.”

New Details About Reign of Kong

USA Today was the first to receive an exclusive tour of Skull Island: Reign of Kong (scheduled to open this summer). The tour provided new details about the ride to eager guests waiting to encounter King Kong in a whole new way.

According to Mike West, executive producer with Universal Creative, guests will “interact with the physical environment as the space gets tighter, the danger gets more authentic and they start to get the feeling the locals aren’t necessarily friendly.” During your expedition, you will encounter natives who are popping out from the gloom in a “Halloween Horror Nights style.” The natives, are not 3D effects or animatronics but actually actors waiting to scare you.

West states that once beyond the massive temple doors, “the first thing you’ll see are the remnants of a Kong species on the left. You pass the terapusmordax bats as they try to attack the vehicle. Now you’re in a deep cavernous space with lots of creepy things. The truck starts rocking as more creatures attack.”

Finally, you are immersed in a jungle environment featuring flying creatures and dinosaurs. At that point, King Kong appears and you are caught in a battle between the colossal Kong and dinosaurs. Skull Island: Reign of Kong will use the combination of 3D effects, actors, animatronics, and props to make the experience as realistic as possible.


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