Just today AMC announced that a Walking Dead attraction will open at Universal Studios Hollywood this summer. The television channel made clear that the attraction will indeed be a year-round experience that guests can take part.

The all-new attraction will allow Walking Dead fans to venture into the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead where they can follow in the survivors’ footsteps.


The attraction will use both animatronics and live performers to make the experience as realistic as can be. The landscapes, special effects, props, staging, costumes, and makeup that guests will come across were created in collaboration with the show’s production team.

It is not yet known as to when during the summer the attraction will open and where it will be located.

UPDATE (3/14/16): Recent photo updates show Walking Dead signs placed on the construction walls along Baker Street indicating the likely location for the attraction.
UPDATE (5/18/16): The Walking Dead attraction will officially open July 4th.


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