Universal Studios Hollywood is set to introduce a new limited-time pre-show as part of the WaterWorld stunt show, “The Fall Guy: Stuntacular Pre-Show,” inspired by Universal Pictures’ upcoming 87North film The Fall Guy. The pre-show, which will be available from April 27 through May 19, 2024, will feature an original storyline, exclusively crafted for this experience. Guests will see a peak behind the curtain of how stunt performances are designed and brought to life.

David Leitch, co-founder of 87North Productions, said “We make movies to give audiences an experience, and what better way to amplify 87North’s brand of action storytelling than to evolve into live events. We are so thankful to our partners at Universal who embraced our ideas and gave us the platform to do something really fun and immersive with The Fall Guy.”


The Fall Guy is in theaters Friday, May 3.


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