Several months ago, Universal Orlando announced that a brand new attraction would open at Universal’s Islands of Adventure next year called Skull Island: Reign of Kong. Mike West, Executive Producer of Universal Creative, revealed some details about the brand new attraction but not much. Recently, Mike West revealed more details about what guests can expect when riding Skull Island: Reign of Kong next summer.

Skull Island: Reign of Kong vs. King Kong 360 3D

Skull Island: Reign of Kong is a vastly different ride from King Kong 360 3D at Universal Studios Hollywood. Skull Island: Reign of Kong at Universal Orlando will take guests to Skull Island, whereas at Universal Studios Hollywood you’re learning more about movie-making. Universal Orlando’s team is creating a physical, thematic environment that guests can actually enter. Orlando’s King Kong attraction will be a story of its own. Skull Island: Reign of Kong will be unlike any King Kong film because it has it’s own story, which guests can actually experience.


Skull Island: Reign of Kong Ride System

Skull Island: Reign of Kong will have a vast queue that will lead guests right up the boarding vehicles. When guests enter the island, they will travel through a murky jungle that gives way to ancient ruins. You will hear cryptic messages that allude unimaginable creatures that you’ll encounter later. The vehicles guests will board are large expedition trucks. Mike West says that part of the ride system is that the outdoor scenes are actually indoors.

One of the key pieces to the attraction is the great wall (pictured above), which is going to be the face of the attraction. The great wall is 72 feet wide. Flames will shoot up and large doors will open as you approach the massive piece on-board the expedition truck. Inside, things will get darker and more mysterious. “Your charge, when you go onto this, is that you’re charged with going on and researching and collecting some specimens of unknown origin, which of course carpet this island. But it quickly turns into a fight for survival,” says Mike West. “The creatures get bigger and badder and eventually you come face-to-face with big Kong himself.”

Skull Island Area Information

Mike West says that this brand new attraction “kind of defies categorization.” Universal Orlando has never designed something where the attraction is something in and unto itself. Skull Island: Reign of Kong has the reputation and size to be its own area. Mike West did not say if there will be any other experiences in this area other than the ride but because of its limited size, there will most likely be little to no room for an addition such as dining.


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