Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights is a little over a month away, and as the event nears, the resort is beginning to announce the remaining houses. Today, Universal revealed the 6th house—Seeds of Extinction. This is one of 10 houses that will be featured at this year’s event, a record number. Seeds of Extinction is an original creation that places you in a post-apocalyptic wasteland infested with vegetation.

The storyline for the house follows a cataclysmic meteor that struck Earth, wiping humans from existence and causing something monstrous to take root across the globe. As a result of the event, the planet is now a tableau of what it once was. Although Earth now appears as a lush and green graveyard, terrifying predatory plants are claiming the invaders of the new world—you. You’ll have to avoid the plants’ strangling vines, razor-sharp thorns, and poisonous pollens.



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