Our website has seen massive changes since it was originally launched in March 2015. Throughout the course, we’ve published more than 200 blog posts, introduced crowd calendars and planning guides for both Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood, and launched a monthly news segment called the World Of Universal NewsFlash. But that was only the beginning! Today, we have launched our redesigned website to reintroduce who we are today. And in addition to this, our website’s blog will now cover select topics for the international Universal parks, select topics on the greater Orlando and Los Angeles area, and more.

Our Website’s Focus

Though we have now expanded our site by covering more destinations than ever before, our website’s main focus has – and will continue to be – providing you with the latest and most efficient Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood information. Currently, we do not plan on expanding our vacation planning tools to other destinations.


Our Website’s Approach

We took what was most important to our readers (our blog posts) and made them more accessible, personalized, and organized. Throughout our site, you’ll now realize that you’ll discover posts on every page, catered to what’s most important to you. You’ll find trending posts from our site, featured posts, and more that were intentionally put in place to allow you to easily find them and read them. And our blog posts don’t just provide park news, they also provide park tips, reviews, suggestions, and more that will allow you to learn more about the Universal theme parks.

Moving Forward

Our website is always growing, welcoming new visitors every day and providing new information just about every week. Our commitment is to provide you with the latest park news. It always was and always will be!

A Brief Tour

At the top of the homepage, you’ll discover two navigation menus. The first menu (in black) displays today’s date in the right corner and links to pages that are not a key part of our website but may be found useful to certain individuals. The second menu (in blue) displays the main pages to our site, such as our blog, crowd calendars, and planning guides. It also includes a search bar and provides links to our social channels. This menu (also called the main menu) is also visible when you scroll down to allow you to easily access it without returning to the top of the page. Just below this, you’ll find the “trending posts” section, which is displayed on every page. And right after this section is the featured area; it displays the four latest blog posts and NewsFlash episodes. 

Below the featured area is additional content, including breaking news from the theme parks and its parent companies, photo updates of the theme parks, and rumors (this section may be displayed near the bottom of the page for those using a mobile device). The photo updates section can be scrolled to the left or right to view additional posts.

Directly after the photo updates section are the latest NewsFlash episodes and previously written blog posts from our writers that you may have not yet read. The rumors area can also be viewed to the right of the page.

And to the very bottom of the homepage are the nine most popular posts on our website.

Blog page:

When you visit our blog page (and NewsFlash page), posts will now be displayed side by side with a featured image, a title, a date, the post’s author, and a brief view of the post itself. You can read the full content by either clicking on the image, title, or “Read More” tab. You may also click on the author’s name to view all of their posts.

Blog post:

The blog posts are now more vibrant and user-friendly than ever before. At the very top of each post is either a featured image, audio recording, gallery, or video. Just below this is the content itself and a photo of the author, an option to add a comment, and an option to share the post (share buttons have also been added at the bottom of each post for mobile users).

 At the very bottom of each post (including NewsFlash episodes), you’ll find a section with posts that you may be interested in, author information that includes their social media accounts, and a section to comment.

NewsFlash posts:

Unlike our previous website design, which displayed a small image and description with the video located at the bottom, this will no longer be the case. The new design places the video at the top to allow you to easily view it. Below this is a brief description of what’s discussed in the episode.

Our redesigned site has so much more to offer, and we’re glad to finally introduce it. This was a project that was months in the making; we developed it from the ground up — updating each post with high-quality images and adding new as well as updated guides and touring plans. We also implemented a responsive design to allow the site to be easily viewed on every device.


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