About five weeks after Freddy vs Jason was announced for Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights and four days after Crimson Peak: Maze of Madness was announced for Universal Studios Hollywood’s event, Insidious was announced to return to Universal Studios Hollywood and become a brand new house for Universal Orlando. Universal has teamed up with Sony Pictures to create a stunning (yet terrifying) haunted house for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights event.

In the house, you’ll investigate unexplained phenomena in the eerie home of the Lambert family. You’ll journey into a supernatural realm that houses anguished spirits, encounter the Bride in Black, and The Man Who Can’t Breathe — the newest evil. The path through the house can only be achieved by going into the mysterious world of the spirits, who crave the souls of the living. Anyone who travels into the great beyond will be disoriented by the Further.


Unlike action horror films, monster films, etc., paranormal films bring a different story and use different methods to scare guests. Paranormal films make great houses because they create a new and different terror. Paranormal houses create “an unsettling feeling of terror following you home and roaming your nightmares,” writes Charles Gray, a writer and show director for Halloween Horror Nights.

Tickets are now available to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. Purchase your tickets to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando by clicking here. More houses and scare zones will be announced throughout the summer.


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