Fast & Furious has been a long rumored attraction for Universal Orlando. With a Fast & Furious attraction already open at Universal Studios Hollywood, it is possible that it could be making its way to Universal Orlando as many other attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood have.

Last year, a Universal Creative project director listed P620 & P727 in his LinkedIn profile. Could Project 620 or Project 727 be a Fast & Furious attraction or perhaps even Twister… Ride It Out’s replacement?


Project 620 or Project 727 is certainly not Skull Island: Reign of Kong, which is listed as Project 340 or Universal’s Volcano Bay water theme park. Universal is known for making their attractions at one park available to many of their other parks. As you can see, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem originally opened as a brand new attraction at Universal Orlando and later opened at Universal Studios Hollywood several years later. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man first opened at Universal Orlando but later became an attraction at Universal Studios Japan. King Kong 360 3-D began at Universal Studios Hollywood as an addition to the Studio Tour and is now making its way to Universal Orlando as its own ride. With that being said, it is highly likely that a Fast & Furious attraction will be coming to Universal Orlando.

In less than a year, Universal Orlando has made more announcements than ever before. The resort announced Skull Island: Reign of Kong, Nintendo attractions, NBC Sports Grill & Brew, Volcano Bay water theme park and so much more. With Skull Island: Reign of Kong opening next year and Universal’s Volcano Bay opening the following year, when will a Fast & Furious attraction open? Because Fast & Furious has not yet been announced for the resort, we predict the attraction will open in 2019 or sometime from 2020 through 2025. King Kong 360 3-D opened at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2010 and won’t open at Universal Orlando until 2016. If Universal Orlando does the same as they have done with King Kong, we could expect a Fast & Furious attraction to open in 2021, which is six years after the attraction opened at Universal Studios Hollywood.

While it is possible that a Fast & Furious attraction will open sooner, we predict the resort will most likely open Nintendo attractions before a Fast & Furious attraction because it was announced first, though the Nintendo project may be much larger than a Fast & Furious attraction, which could lead to Fast & Furious opening before Nintendo or even in the same year as they did with Springfield and TRANSFORMERS: The Ride-3D.

If Fast & Furious does become an attraction at Universal Orlando, it will be nothing like Universal Studios Hollywood’s version. Orlando’s version will be its own ride (like Skull Island: Reign of Kong), allowing Universal’s creative team to make a much more immersive experience. Where will the attraction be located? Rumors suggest Disaster will close to make room for Fast & Furious as Disaster’s building is one of the largest at the resort. Fast & Furious could be Universal Studios Florida’s most unique attraction. Universal’s creative development team could make this their most innovative and most advanced ride ever. The team has the possibility to make much more than just a simulator attraction, but rather an attraction that actually allows guests to step into a sports car and become involved in a race. This would take the concept of Hollywood’s version and make it even better.


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