Disney’s animated fantasy adventure Wish will be making its way to Disney+ subscribers’ screens on April 3. This marks roughly four and a half months after the film’s theatrical debut.

Wish introduces us to Asha, a clever dreamer whose passionate desire calls forth an energetic cosmic force called Star. With the help of her astral friend Star as well as her friends and family, Asha confronts the tyrannical dominance of King Magnifico, ruler of Rosas, in a valiant effort to save her community from his corruption and prove that the determination of a valiant soul, combined with the enchantment of the stars, can give rise to miracles.


Disney’s Wish did not perform as anticipated at the box office. Its opening run during the Thanksgiving weekend saw a modest sum of $31.7 million over five days. Overall, since its release, the global box office numbers for Wish tallied up to approximately $254 million, as reported by Box Office Mojo. The film’s production budget was reportedly $200.

The film’s move to the Disney+ streaming platform is an opportunity for Wish to reach a broader audience.


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