In a unanimous decision, the Anaheim City Council has granted final approval for Disneyland Resort’s ambitious expansion project, DisneylandForward. The approval came in a city council meeting held on Tuesday, underscoring a milestone progression for the project.

DisneylandForward pushed for the city of Anaheim to make zoning changes to allow Disney to utilize its existing undeveloped parcels of land for future expansion, primarily areas adjacent to hotels west of Disneyland Drive and the current Toy Story parking lot at Katella Avenue and Harbor Boulevard. The expansion plan includes the introduction of potential new theme park attractions, retail outlets, dining venues, entertainment facilities, and more.

DisneylandForward proposal (Image: Disney)

The city council’s approval on Tuesday followed a previous 7-0 vote during a public hearing and initial vote last month, emphasizing robust local government support for the project. The changes associated with DisneylandForward will be implemented starting 30 days after the approval.

Disney has committed a minimum investment of $1.9 billion over the next ten years to bring this vision to life.


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