Universal Orlando frequently removes their attractions to make way for new ones, which can be exciting to some but also fairly disappointing to others, especially to long-time fans. Out of all attractions that have closed throughout the years, there are five attractions that shocked many when their closures were announced, and they are still missed to this day. All of these attractions were replaced years ago, however, one of them remains to this day . . . in a way.

1. Kongfrontation

Kongfrontation was an attraction once located at Universal Studios Florida until it was closed in 2002 and replaced by Revenge of the Mummy in 2004. Guests would board an open-air tram, where a guide informed them that they were being evacuated from Manhattan Island and would be transported to Roosevelt Island because of King Kong’s attack. While on the tram, guests passed by the streets of New York City, where they could see the damage left by the giant ape. Eventually, guests would come face-to-face with King Kong, who then grabbed the tram until fired upon by police helicopters. The tram narrowly escapes the beast and guests on board were shown a news report about the crisis on the overhead television monitors. The tram then arrives safely at Roosevelt Island, however, King Kong was never defeated.


Kongfrontation was the most technologically advanced ride and was a classic attraction. The ride used real-life sets, fire effects, giant King Kong animatronics, and more.

2. Jaws

Jaws opened at Universal Studios Florida in 1990 and experienced many breakdowns as a result of the practical effects, but that didn’t stop people from riding it. Jaws became a favorite to many visitors and one of the most beloved attractions at the resort.

The Jaws ride put guests into the Jaws film, making it the first time ever that fans could get into the water and encounter the shark. The Jaws ride not only recreated the Jaws films but also allowed guests to become a part of the action. The ride had many thrilling and exciting moments and was practically different every time.

Jaws was the last iconic attraction to close at Universal Studios Florida. The attraction closed in 2012 to make way for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley, which opened in the Summer of 2014.

3. Nickelodeon Studios

Nickelodeon Studios opened its doors to the public with Universal Studios Florida in 1990. The opening was hosted by Double Dare host Marc Summers and other Nickelodeon stars. Nickelodeon Studios was the only place where people could ride the movies and catch a taping of a Nickelodeon show.

Nickelodeon Studios had multiple activities for guests to enjoy such as slime testing, testing out new ideas for game shows, trying out for Nickelodeon game shows, and more. At the studio, guests also had the opportunity to see close-ups of activities around the sound stages, editing and sound FX, props, and more. Like Nickelodeon Studios advertised, “There’s only one place to get slimed, gakked, and double dared.”

Nickelodeon Studios officially closed its doors in 2005 due to the loss of visitors throughout the years, which resulted in the loss of money. Blue Man Group replaced the studio, however, much of it still remains in parts not occupied by Blue Man Group.

4. Back to the Future: The Ride

Back to the Future: The Ride was a motion simulator attraction based on Back to the Future. On this attraction, guests would climb aboard the DeLorean and travel to the future, dodging snowslides, dinosaurs, and erupting volcanoes. The attraction let you experience thrills mankind has never encountered before. Although the new Springfield area surrounding The Simpsons Ride immerses guests into a more themed environment compared to the mainly unthemed area located nearby the Back to the Future attraction, Back to the Future: The Ride was a more thrilling and far more enjoyable attraction than The Simpsons Ride.

Ghostbusters Spooktacular

Ghostbusters Spooktacular didn’t last long, but it was a unique show. The show lasted for about six years and was soon replaced with Twister… Ride It Out in 1998 (Twister… Ride It Out is now closed to make way for a Jimmy Fallon attraction). Ghostbusters Spooktacular was a show that used props, live-action, and special effects. The show was full of humor and nostalgia, making it an overall cool experience. Ghostbusters was a big hit in the 1980s and the show made everything from the films come to life.

This article was originally published on May 8, 2016.


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