Is it your time? Tick tock, tick tock…

Do you have a favorite song?

Pick a song you would jam to.

Who is your favorite horror icon?

At this moment, would you rather...

Who would you rather partner with?

Do you know how to play the guitar?

Are you a morning person or a night person?

Do you have a favorite memory?

How do you handle difficult situations?

Do you consider yourself a people person?

Pancakes or waffles?

Which Stranger Things season is your favorite?

What scares you most?

Would you describe yourself as a...

Can You Survive Vecna's Curse From Stranger Things?
You survived Vecna!

You ran up that hill and survived! Perhaps your positive thinking, good vibes, taste in music, or loved ones helped you push through. Vecna's no match for you!
You didn't survive Vecna.

Looks like you pulled a Chrissy and didn't wake up. Your deepest fears got the best of you, and Vecna captured your soul.

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