Will you live on to tell the tale?

A masked killer has you cornered, making it difficult to escape. What action would you take?

Image: Dimension Films

You just stabbed the killer in the chest, who is now laying on the ground motionless. What is the next action you would take?

You just finished shopping and you're walking to your car late at night. You hear a strange sound behind you. What would you do?

Your window is smashed in. What would you do?

Pick a hiding location.

Pick a weapon you would use.

You just witnessed the killer swipe at your friend. Would you help them?

Image: Warner Bros.

It's midnight, and you're watching a show on your television. You see a figure standing in front of your window. What would you do?

You're heading to bed, but you hear a noise coming from downstairs. You're home alone and nobody has access to your house. You head down the stairs to check if anyone is there, but there isn't. What would you do?

Answer these questions, and we'll tell you if you would survive a horror movie.
You're a survivor.

You made it! We knew you would. Your wise choices led to your survival . . . for now.
You didn't make it.

You may have made some smart decisions, but your poor decisions ultimately led to your death.
Image: Vortex

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