Nintendo has been in the video game industry since the 1980’s. The company is known for their popular gaming systems and original characters like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong. The company’s main purpose was always to make family-friendly and enjoyable video games, but it looks like they took another route. Last year, Universal Orlando announced their partnership with Nintendo and their plans to create Nintendo-themed attractions. Not only is Nintendo in the gaming industry but they’re also in the theme park industry!

The two companies have not yet announced what properties will be included in the Nintendo themed area and it is still unclear as to where the area will be located. It is highly likely that Mario will be incorporated in the land but anything beyond this is a mystery. Rather than making predictions as to what video games will be introduced to the resort, we’ll highlight what we’d like to see Nintendo bring to Universal Orlando.


Mario Kart

Mario Kart is one of Nintendo’s best-selling game, which has so much potential as a theme park ride. There are three ways Universal Orlando can pull this off. Either they could develop a simple and inexpensive ride, a simple and immersive ride, or a highly themed and immersive ride.

One way the resort can bring a Mario Kart attraction to life is by creating a go-kart attraction. This attraction could be created just like the Tomorrowland Speedway at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. A go-kart ride may be found enjoyable to some individuals but wouldn’t immerse guests into a brand that has so much potential. This version would be the inexpensive and easy route to take.

The simple and immersive version would be to create a simulated ride like The Simpsons Ride or The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. Sure, this version would be immersive but it wouldn’t live up to its name. Universal Orlando doesn’t need another ride like The Simpsons Ride and surely doesn’t need a new ride like The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man for they already have another ride that is a clone of that.

The third route Universal could choose is the highly themed and immersive ride. This version could be similar to Test Track at EPCOT Center. The only issue with this concept is that Universal would need a spacious lot, which is currently a bit of an issue. Rather than having screens and 3D glasses, guests would board their vehicle and pass by real sets during their race. Perhaps the race could take place in a large city like Mushroom City. With Mario Kart being as popular as it is, this technique would be the best concept the resort could choose.

Fitting name: Mario Kart: Race through Mushroom City

Luigi’s Haunted Mansion

Luigi’s Haunted Mansion is a great game with a creepy touch to it. The game allows you to play as Luigi and explore haunted and ghoul-infested mansions. This would make a perfect attraction at the resort because it would be the resort’s first attraction/show with a “creepy” vibe ever since Ghostbusters Spooktacular closed. Luigi’s Haunted Mansion could be pulled off several ways. Either they could create a show out of the game or create a ride. If a ride is in the works, there are three ways the ride could be created.

If Luigi’s Haunted Mansion is to become a show, perhaps a show similar to Ghostbusters Spooktacular could be fitting. This would be a great addition to the resort and a good replacement for Ghostbusters Spooktacular. Plus, it could have amazing sets and use incredible effects.

A more likely way to bring Luigi’s Haunted Mansion to life is to create a ride that is similar to The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and TRANSFORMERS: The Ride 3-D. This could put guests right into the action and allow for more scares. The only problem is that The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and TRANSFORMERS: The Ride 3-D are practically clones and we’re pretty sure Universal doesn’t need another version of these rides.

Another possible way to pull off Luigi’s Haunted Mansion is to develop a ride similar to MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack. However, this is probably unlikely because Luigi does not use lasers or guns mounted to vehicles to capture ghosts.

Forget about shows, simulated rides, and interactive rides and let’s start talking about a roller coaster ride! That’s right! Luigi’s Haunted Mansion would make a perfect roller coaster if pulled off properly.

Fitting name: Luigi’s Haunted Mansion

Donkey Kong

A Nintendo-themed area is not complete without Donkey Kong and what better way to bring a Donkey Kong attraction to life than with a roller coaster?! Donkey Kong, as we all know, is a powerful ape who enjoys bananas. How about a powerful roller coaster to fit the ape’s description? The coaster vehicles could be similar as the vehicle Donkey Kong uses in Mario Kart (pictured above).

Fitting name: Donkey Kong: Ape Mayhem


Kirby is the definition of cuteness. This pink puff is just as cute as a minion… only that Kirby is not yellow and doesn’t crave bananas. Rather than creating a ride for this cute creature, Universal Orlando could create a small themed area like Super Silly Funland at Universal Studios Hollywood. Kirby could have a water play area with small carnival type rides and games.

Fitting name: Kirby’s Wonderland

Princess Peach’s Castle

While there may be some individuals against this idea… it would be very cool to see and actually enter Princess Peach’s Castle. Universal Orlando already has one castle but how about another? Instead of making this icon a ride, why not make it a dining location? Think about it. You entering a majestic castle and enjoying a meal while intaking the castle’s wonderful sights.

Fitting name: Princess Peach’s Royal Table? Hmm… that name sounds awfully familiar.


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