Though it was previously rumored that Universal Orlando would remove its Marvel Super Hero Island themed area because of Disney’s Marvel purchase, it is quite clear that the speculation will not become a reality any time soon. Why? Well, Universal refurbished their Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man attraction in 2012 and is currently enhancing their wildly popular Incredible Hulk Coaster, which gives further reasoning that the resort is not giving up on their Marvel themed “island.” With that question now answered, let’s get right into the discussion about the Incredible Hulk Coaster, which will reopen with all-new enhancements.

In early September, Universal Orlando closed their Incredible Hulk themed roller coaster to begin refurbishment; the resort announced that it would receive new enhancements to it storyline, ride vehicles, and overall experience, stating that it will “still have the same “Incredible” personality.” And “incredible” is the perfect word to use! Set to roar back to life in “late summer,” the coaster has received a brand new marquee, a redesigned queue, a new story, and all-new ride vehicles. All that remains of the original Hulk coaster are the “world-famous twists and turns of the ride track.” All of this sure sounds “incredible,” and that’s because it is! Soon, you’ll be able to once again ride this MARVELous (pun intended) coaster with its all-new additions. Now to play in with the title, why should you get excited about this coaster? If it isn’t already obvious, it’s because the coaster will feature an all-new storyline, brand new additions, and will mark the return of the Hulk (these will be discussed in further detail below).


The Storyline

Some often like to point out that a storyline really can’t be added to a high-speed roller coaster, but that is not entirely true. A storyline allows guests to get background information before they board the ride vehicle and launch away, which is exactly what the refurbished Incredible Hulk Coaster will do. Unlike the original Hulk coaster, the enhanced version will consist of a much more developed storyline to add onto the ride, making it even more “incredible.”

Once you are beyond the towering Hulk figure at the entrance, you will make your way into the coaster’s queue, where you’ll be immersed into a state-of-the-art military research compound, commanded by General Ross, who is in search for volunteers to execute a new experiment. In the queue, you’ll pass by high-tech equipment that General Ross’ team uses to conduct experiments. Once at the boarding dock, you’ll witness the transformation of your predecessors as they undergo a “Hulk-a-fication” process, a potentially life-altering process (this is exactly where the ride experience comes into play). After, you’ll be taken to the loading platform where a Gamma accelerator will blast you with superhuman strength.

New Additions

Prior to the Incredible Hulk Coaster’s refurbishment, the ride experience was rather rough and jerky as described by guests — and this can be explained due to the fact that the track pieces were rather shabby. This should no longer be the case when the coaster reopens as it will feature brand new pieces that Universal’s construction team installed earlier this year; this will help to create a relatively smooth ride-through.

In addition to new track pieces, the refurbished Hulk coaster will feature all-new ride vehicles that have been given a sleek, modern look to accompany the new theme. Universal Orlando also announced that when seated in the vehicles, guests will listen to an original score created by Patrick Stump, the leader singer of Fall Out Boy, through an in-seat audio system to create a truly epic experience.

Return of the Hulk

Though the Hulk will not return in his original form, he will return — and in an even better way! With the coaster’s new storyline and additions, the relaunched Incredible Hulk Coaster will virtually be an entirely new experience while still consisting of the world-famous loops that make it a top roller coaster.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster is scheduled to reopen in “late summer,” according to a report.


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