Earlier today, Universal Orlando officially announced the original houses for their annual Halloween Horror Nights event.

Scarecrow: The Reaping

This original house revolves around the story of an abandoned farmhouse in the state of Nebraska. “The bountiful fields ravaged by the farmers’ plows have spurred anger in the Land,” and scarecrow guardians have risen to seek revenge.



Hive takes “everything that is sexy, beautiful, or cool about vampires” and places guests into the storyline. The idea of the house is to develop an experience that makes guests feel as if they’re in a 1980s horror movie. Charles Gray, writer and show director for Halloween Horror Nights, says “These Nosferatu are nasty, animalistic, and vicious. It’s the type of house that will make you cling to your date all the way to the exit…if you make it that far.”

Dead Waters

Dead Waters takes the idea of the Bayou of Blood scare zone previously featured at Halloween Horror Nights 24 and turns it into a house. During this experience, guests will explore the Dead Waters of the Voodoo Queen and her hellish realm, where they’ll see a sunken riverboat with the skeletal remains of her victims and more.

The Fallen

Charles Gray states that this house “is a mix between beauty and decay, high screech, and deep roar.” It’s an ancient battle between good and evil, delivering surprises for guests as they encounter The Fallen. “The Fallen are flying, jumping, and crawling up from the kingdom of darkness and laying waste to all who cross their path of destruction.”


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