With the recent incident of a man trying to bring in a concealed weapon at the Magic Kingdom and terrorist attacks happening worldwide, extra security may be needed not just in major cities but also at major theme parks where millions of people visit every day. According to Intercot.com’s sources, Walt Disney World and Disneyland may introduce a new security measure at their park entrances where guests may be required to walk through scanners similar to those at airports. Intercot.com also reports that more uniformed and armed officers with K-9 teams could appear at the resort. None of this has been confirmed but it’s possible these could take effect with the rising tragedies happening.

While this has only been said to happen at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, the security measures could later shift to other major theme parks like Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood where attendance is drastically rising. All destinations mentioned currently have a bag check system in which guests are required to have all of their bags inspected while guests with no bags may simply walk along. The bag check system may be found inefficient as it doesn’t ensure weapons such as guns, sharp knives, and bombs, all of which can be concealed, are not brought into the parks. No reports have been made as to whether security may be enhanced or expanded at Universal’s theme parks.


UPDATE (12/17/15) – Universal Orlando adds metal detectors as a security measure before entering the complex. Universal Studios Hollywood is also using detectors.


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