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Walt Disney World is currently developing numerous major experiences that will open in the coming years. The most notable additions include those taking place at Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Both parks are undergoing immense changes that will transform the overall atmosphere and introduce all-new attractions for guests to enjoy. And to allow for better access to the two parks, Disney is constructing a new transportation system that will connect Epcot and Hollywood Studios with numerous on-site hotels.


Pictured above are some of the supporting towers for the Disney Skyliner seen near the France pavilion in Epcot. This is an upcoming transportation system that uses a gondola lift system. Also visible is a structure for a new Ratatouille ride that will be located in the France pavilion.

The Ratatouille ride (shown above) will be similar to the attraction currently at the Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris. Like the Paris version, the Epcot version will shrink guests to Remy’s size and transport them into the film’s world. Although an opening year for this ride has not yet been announced, it is scheduled to open by Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021.

The photo included above also shows the Disney Skyliner. This shot, specifically, is of the Epcot station.

The Disney Skyliner will feature multiple stops; they include Epcot, Disney’s Riviera Resort, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, and Disney’s Pop Century Resort. It should be noted that guests may need to get off at some stations and board another gondola car in order to access select locations.

Epcot’s other major development includes the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster. The main structure housing the coaster is easily visible throughout parts of Epcot, especially from the parking lot.

The Universe of Energy closed to make way for the Guardians of the Galaxy attraction. Since its closing, we’ve seen the building’s facade change with the removal of solar panels as well as mirrored tiles.

From a distance, it is apparent that the interior of the building has been gutted. This structure is expected to be used as a queue and loading/unloading station for the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster.

The structure currently under construction, which towers roughly 130 feet, will house most of the roller coaster track. According to Disney, this will use a new innovative ride system, and it will also be one of the world’s longest enclosed roller coasters.

As we approach Hollywood Studios, the Disney Skyliner station for the park comes into sight.

Our first stop at Hollywood Studios is inside a merchandise store selling Pixar souvenirs.

The store features everything from Woody-type Mickey ears and Buzz Lightyear socks to Toy Story branded cups and Slinky Dog plushes.

This store opened in mid-2018, and it can be found on Sunset Boulevard.

With Toy Story Land open, Disney has yet to open the highly awaited Star Wars area at Hollywood Studios.

The following images show construction crew still completing rock work.

One of the spaceships is visible over the construction walls. The one shown above and below was the first spaceship to appear on the site.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will feature two all-new attractions for guests to experience. This highly immersive area that spans approximately 14 acres will transport guests to the planet Batuu.


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