With a ticket price increase just 2 months ago it wasn’t a question as to whether or not annual pass rates would rise, it was a question as to when they would rise. Just today, Universal Orlando raised their annual pass rates, making an entire year of fun at the resort more expensive. This may be a burden to those looking to become passholders but luckily renewal rates have remained unchanged… at least for now.

Benefits have not changed for any annual pass option, as they did with Universal Studios Hollywood’s. A Power Pass for Florida Residents now costs $214.99+tax, Florida Resident Preferred Passes have increased to $299.99+tax, and Florida Resident Premier Passes have increased to $429.99+tax. Non-Florida Resident Power Passes cost $239.99+tax, non-Florida Resident Preferred Passes cost $334.99+tax, and non-Florida Resident Premier Passes cost $479.99+tax.


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