Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2023 Touring Plan

Touring plans make it easy for you to get the most out of your trip by outlining the order you should visit houses and shows, allowing you to enjoy the top experiences at the event.

This touring plan was created for those visiting Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights event for a single night; however, those attending the event for a longer period may still take advantage of this plan. This touring plan assumes that you are attending the event from starting time and staying until the event ends. Although this plan is specifically designed for those without a Halloween Horror Nights Express pass, which allows you to skip the regular lines at all houses, it may still be used by such visitors.

Prior to visiting Universal Orlando, we recommend that you download the official Universal Orlando Resort app on the App Store or the Google Play Store. The app provides wait times, showtimes, a resort-wide map, and more.

Entering the Event

We recommend waiting at the park turnstiles for Universal Studios Florida by at least 4:30 PM. You won’t be permitted into the park yet, but you’ll be closer to the entry, allowing you to get a head start on other guests. Keep in mind that it may take up to an hour and a half to arrive at the front gates from the parking booth. However, if you’re visiting Universal Studios Florida during the daytime on the same day you’re attending Halloween Horror Nights or if you have a Scream Early ticket, stay in the park past closing in a designated Stay & Scream location for expedited entry into select haunted houses. You should download the official Universal Orlando Resort app to help locate the event’s houses and entertainment, view showtimes, and more.

Vecna from Netflix's Stranger Things series
Image: Netflix

Experiences to Visit

We’ve compiled an ordered list of houses you should visit at the event. You should visit the experiences in this order to get the most out of your night; however, you may be required to slightly adjust this order due to scheduled showtimes.

Monsters wreaking havoc
Image: Universal Orlando

Visit When Available

This section features experiences that you may choose to visit either when you are nearby or have available time.

Pumpkin scareactor at Halloween Horror Nights
Image: Universal Orlando

Themed Environments

The event features numerous scare zones with roaming monsters that you’ll come across when venturing to each house and show. Although the houses are the main highlight of the event, we recommend spending time in the scare zones to complete the Halloween Horror Nights experience.

For full information about Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights experiences, click here.

TIPS: (1) We advise that you eat a meal before attending the event so that you don’t take too much time out of your night. If you must, grab a snack at the various concession stands in the park. (2) If you plan to attend Halloween Horror Nights on the same day you visit Universal Studios Florida during the daytime or if you have a Scream Early ticket, you should stay in the park until closing and wait in a Stay & Scream location. This will give you expedited access to the haunted house(s) before guests at the turnstiles. Each Stay & Scream location gives access to different haunted houses, so you should choose the one that provides access to your preferred houses. When your Stay & Scream group is released into the park, enter the location’s designated house(s) first, and then continue to follow this touring plan. (3) Although the haunted houses are the highlight of Halloween Horror Nights, you don’t necessarily want to rush your way to every house or show. Take time to enjoy the various scare zones located throughout the park.

NOTE: It is not guaranteed that you’ll experience all of the haunted houses and entertainment at Halloween Horror Nights by following this touring plan. We recommend skipping any house or show you may not be interested in.

ON-SITE HOTEL GUESTS: If you’re not visiting Universal Studios Florida during the daytime, we recommend using the designated entrance for on-site hotel guests. Although you won’t be let into the park earlier than guests at the regular entrance, you’ll avoid the large crowds, allowing you to enter the park quicker.

HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS EXPRESS VISITORS: Although you can skip the regular lines at the houses, greatly reducing your wait times, we still highly recommend following this touring plan. This touring plan is designed to reduce your time in line, even if you’re using an Express pass. The Express lines may have significantly shorter wait times than the regular lines, but following this plan will still help minimize the time you spend in lines. It should be noted that you are only permitted to use the Express pass once per house. Due to this, we suggest using the regular line if the posted wait time is below 30 minutes and you are interested in revisiting the house. You can use the Express line afterward when the regular line has a longer wait time.

GUESTS VISITING MULTIPLE NIGHTS: If you’re attending the event for more than one (1) night, we recommend sticking to this touring plan for the first night to ensure you visit the top experiences. The next time you attend the event, you can revisit the houses you enjoyed most, experience the houses you may have missed, visit the available attractions and entertainment, and enjoy the various scare zones at a slower pace.