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Which Secret Life of Pets Character Are You?
You got: Max

You don't like being left alone because you'd rather be with friends and loved ones. You love attention from people and others love you for your charming personality. You can be sweet if you're treated with respect, but you don't put up with selfish behavior.
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You got: Duke

You're not always great at first impressions, but your charming personality starts to show once you get to know others.
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You got: Gidget

You respect others in every way you can, and that's why you're admired. You're willing to go above and beyond to help those you love even if it means facing risky challenges.
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You got: Buddy

You get along well with others and enjoy hanging out with friends. You also like having some time to yourself to relax and unwind. If you had to pick to get a new game or a massage, you'd pick the latter.
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You got: Chloe

You like to live life the easy way. Laying back keeps you relaxed and food brings you joy, and you're okay with that. Going out isn't your thing because you'd rather sit back at home and chill.
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You got: Snowball

You can be affectionate towards others, but if you're mistreated, you have a feisty side. You also like being the leader in groups because you believe you're most fit for the job.
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